About me


I’m Mons Finn Bergman, and I am a 3D art generalist, mostly doing character, environment and props, looking for work! 

My journey into the game industry started a couple of years ago, after I tried my hand at the comics scene in Sweden. I studied comics at Kvarnby Serieskola in Malmö, as well as digital animation in Falmouth, England, until I landed at The Game Assembly in Malmö, where I found myself working on things I really enjoyed. From the inital idea to the final implementation, I always found the process of game asset development interesting and rewarding. Even when something is challenging, I revel in the possibility to learn something new, and I’m always looking to expand my knowledge. I worked at Frogsong Studios in Malmö for almost three years, where I worked on in-house projects such as D-Corp, D-Corp Arena, and a lot of work on consultant projects for Coffeestain Studios. During this time I made both stylized assets, realistic sci-fi props, materials and semi-stylized props. It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot!

Working in a team has always benefited me, and I love to bring smiles and enthusiasm to any group I’m in. Talking to, understanding, and working closely with other game development specialists is something I love doing, since it helps me, and my team, to work better together. 

With me on your team, you will have a coworker who loves every nitty bitty gritty part of the game development pipeline, a person who is willing to compromise and work together to achieve common goals, and someone who wants to bring many smiles to their workplace! 

Download my CV here!